We, the people living along the railway track of Phnom Penh Capital City, would like to request

Cambodia Country Representative of ADB

Objective: Request for detail information about Railway Rehabilitation Project in Cambodia including:
1. In Phnom Penh, how many meters alongside the railway tracks will be used for the railway rehabilitation project? Will this entire area be used solely and specifically for train operation purposes? If not, how much space is actually necessary for train operation purposes?
2. How many stages of project implementation will there be? What exactly will be done and precisely who will be affected in each stage? When will each stage begin and end? What measures will be undertaken in each stage to ensure that affected families are not rendered worse off by the project?
3. Who are all of the stakeholders, including investors, in this project? What is each stakeholder responsible for?
4. What are the relevant documents that we the people living alongside the track should be aware of?
Because: So far, people have not been adequately consulted or even clearly informed about the railway rehabilitation project, its scope, how and when each of its stages will be implemented, and the extent to which they will be affected. Instead, they have received conflicting information from various sources, so at present, they want to receive reliable and definitive information about the details of the project from the ADB, which they need in order to plan for their own future. The information we had included:
1. The Railway Rehabilitation Project will need 3.5 meters of land from both sides of the track in its first stage.
2. The Railway Rehabilitation Project will need 15 meters from both sides of the track in its second stage.
3. The Railway Rehabilitation Project will need 25 meters in urban area, 30 meters in rural areas and 100 meters in mountainous area both sides of the track in its third stage.
4. The Railway Rehabilitation Project will need only 10 meters from both sides of the track claiming that there was a sub-decree from the government.
5. People who participated at the information meeting at WatNeakvon on 6 June 2014 claimed that ADB and IRC needed only 3.5 meters both sides of the track for this project.
6. The toll company announced that if any accident happened, the company will not be responsible for any damage up to 10 meters away from both sides of railway track.
7. There was a rumor that if the Toll company successfully resolved the problems of 3.5 meters, the company will make a fence not allowing residents to use the space of the track anymore.
8. We observed in village 2, Sangkat Sraschork, Khan Doun Penh and village 21 and 23 of Sangkat BoeungKak II, Khan Toul Kork, SukakuInc constructed a fence 10 meters away from the track.
9. We also heard that the Toll company will complete its solution process with residents living within 3.5 meters sometimes late 2014 and early 2015.

With reference and mentioned above, we the people will go to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on 11 August 2014 at 8:30am. We would like ADB to provide us detailed and concrete information about the Railway Rehabilitation Project especially in Phnom Penh. We hope that ADB will prepare relevant information and give it to us on the day we come. We believe that ADB will facilitate this information for us following to ADB’s vision and mission.

Please kindly accept our gratitude and respect from us.

Phnom Penh, date: 4 August 2014
Thumb Print of representatives

Horn Pav OuLorn Lay Sokleap Meas Meng

Village 23 Village 23 Aphiwadh Thmey Roumchet Temouy

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